B A U - X I   G A L L E R Y

Established in 1965, Bau-Xi Gallery represents international visual artists across a variety of media and genres. The new home of the gallery is the adaptive reuse of a 22,000 square foot, two-story textile factory originally built in Toronto in 1955. Care was taken with the internal additions and renovation to preserve the existing historic architectural features which highlight the building’s industrial past. The wear and tear over the course of its existence as a textile factory can be seen throughout, with oil-stained wood and concrete factory floors, patchwork brick, steel and brick structure, and period details.

Adaptive reuse is a form of redevelopment that drives the revitalization of historic neighborhoods and makes use of existing building stock for contemporary purposes. Material waste associated to construction is dramatically reduced with this method of design and encourages conservation and preservation.  

Project Information
Construction Type: Adaptive Reuse / Renovation
Gross Floor Area: 22,000sf (2045sm)
Website: www.bau-xi.com